As a web designer, you have to know that web design trends change rapidly. They come and go like fashion trends. It’s helpful to know what the current and upcoming trends are. Web design trends help you to stay ahead of the competition, develop your site traffic and meet the needs of your various client’s.

What Do You Look At First When You Wake Up? Research suggests over 30% of adults in the UK look at their smartphone within five minutes of waking. An hour later, that figure hits 83%. That’s tens of millions of people, every morning. Smartphones may as well be another limb, with one in six UK adults

My mantra in relation to lead pages and specifically landing pages is Engage, Stimulate Offer & Convert. Good Lead Pages + Good Landing Pages = Higher Conversions. The objective of the landing page is to get a compelling value proposition in front of prospective buyers in a way that is engaging, credible and clear. I