Brother | Sister Clothing & Apparel

The client wanted to develop a universally recognised symbol for Brotherhood and Sisterhood fashion. They wanted to use their creative skills in developing various non-verbal positive slogans & recognised iconography which would do two things.

Firstly to give a shout out to like minded friends, peers and siblings with a non verbal Fist Bump, High Five, Peace Sign, Hand Hearts or OK Symbol.

Secondly to choose a funky, catchy statement to relay what type of sister or brother the wearer identified with or thought was poignant or humorous.

So we developed and continue to develop with them positive empowering slogans, such as Rule-Breakin, Ass-Kickin or Dream-Chasin which encircle the iconic hand symbols.

Along with developing the brand iconography and the garment designs we also put our Digital & eCommerce Skills to good use and so started to develop a state of the art integrated WordPress site to promote the new designs online. Then move the visitor from the clients web property or social media end-points to the third party partner Print On Design Sites.

We have developed high end video to promote the brand and the messaging behind the brand along with a growing collection of Memes and other graphic collateral to go to adding to the various channel push strategies.

This is an ongoing project and so far so good – were in the early days of the project and are looking forward to monitoring how our new content and digital & social marketing strategies will take hold and what traction we see  with the client over the coming year.